Must Visit Places in NYC for Amateur Performers


Nobody is born as a star, everyone who is someone in this world has gone through a lot just to get to that stage. If you want to be successful and make a living by singing or playing music with a band, you need to be dedicated because without dedication you will not succeed. Of course, there are few more things that you need to know in order to become popular, one of them is to know exactly where to perform. Finding a place to perform while you are still an amateur can be very hard because nobody wants untalented people to hear singing. That’s why I would strongly suggest that you visit NY and find places that will give you the opportunity that you need.

In NY you will be able to find a bunch of places that offer upcoming artists to perform. Something like this you will not be able to find easily, that’s why NY is the number one place to visit. Of course, the size of NY can be scary to some people, that’s why I created a list of must visit places that will allow you to perform and make your career.


This place has a very long history of being a host for local talent shows. A lot of college kids are coming here, therefore, the audience is quite fresh and they always want to see someone new. Here you will be able to build your audience from zero. You just need to be dedicated and perform well, everything else will come. Pianos are located at 158 Ludlow Street, New York. Therefore, if you are close we suggest giving it a shot and see how well it will go for you.

Santos Party House

santosIf your music is more modern and made for the younger audience, then I recommend this place because this place is very popular and it attracts the youth of NYC. This place has amazing lighting setup which will just be a benefit for you. Overall this is a great venue that offers a lot of chances for new performers to become someone. One thing that will get you far in this venue is originality, therefore if your music is unique and it is modern at the same time you shouldn’t have any issues building your audience. This place is located at 96 Lafayette Street, New York, give it chance, you will not regret it.

Paul Harris